31-what happended to mr. kitchener? (part 1)

34-spit in my mouth

Bonus-patreon teaser episode

Murder.ly podcast network minisode extravaganza!

31-what happended to mr. kitchener? (part 2)

35-dr. acula, hematologist

38-I'm old craig! (kids who kill #3)

41-Poem, poem, poem...should have had more sake


36-richard chasin' walking tacos

39-The bad decision bandit goes postal

33-Two out of three ain't good

37-izzi: the human wind chime

40-setting your hair on fire is like yoga...really, when you think about it

42-the best part about having gonorrhea and syphilis

 (part 1)

42-the best part about having gonorrhea and syphilis

 (part 2)

 43-owl parkour

Ruby Ridge protesters.jpg

44-Shot-Back mountain

gerald and alice uden.jpg

45-alice in chains took a runaway train to jeremy 

triangle shirtwaist factory fire.jpg

46-smoky with a 70% chance of people

Steven Judy_edited.jpg

47-how to quit smoking


48-Death by ecto cooler


49-orb is just bro spelled backwards


50-squatters, incest, and ...octopus?

Robert Hansen_edited.jpg

51-The perfect dork

Leah Roberts.jpg

52-We're really sorry, kate


53-I don't give a flying duck

Berenstain-Berenstein Bears.jpg

54-Thanks, bill murray. you said it wrong.

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