Greg Fleniken.jpg


Daniel Bartlam and Jacqui.jpg

56-Nigel Wouldn't approve (Kids who kill #4)

The 8-day bride.jpg

57-the swirlie of death

Essex whaleship.jpg

58-I once knew a man from nantucket

Sadamichi Hirasawa.jpg

59-The un-substantiated joy of poisoning

60-we's been sick


61-you have a generic-looking face


62-crucifixion is like froyo

Ricardo Lopez.jpg

63-cockroach man

Tenerife Airport disaster.jpg

64-What's our vector, victor?

Karl Denke's meat.jpg

65-a double take butthole


66-i am a man! (Pt. 1)

Carroll Cole-color_edited.jpg

66-i am a man! (Pt. 2)

Wolf Farm Murders.jpg

70-dance party!


73-haunted toilet paper

Hartford Circus Fire_edited.jpg

67-it tastes like fire

Question mark_edited.jpg

71-It's all zeros

New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot.jpg

74-Pardon the mess

Sharon Kinne.png

68-you mispronounced "mormon"

Donald Harvey (Pt. 1).jpg

72-He shiska'd his bob (Pt 1.)

75-the loneliest red string (pt.1)


69-maybe he's really good at hammerball

Donald Harvey (Pt. 2).jpg

72-He shiska'd his bob (pt. 2)


75-the loneliest red string (pt. 2)

Judas Cradle.jpg

76-Gonna Get In The hot tub

Junko Furuta color.jpg

77-505 W. Jujitsu lane

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