Blair Adams
1-The Blair "Twitch" Project
Spontaneous Human Combustion

2-Get the Marshmallows

Katherine Knight

3-dad...its what's for dinner

The Bath School Massacre

4-The dynamite farmer


5-Wait 'til you hear this

8-the piggy palace good time society

Eric Smith and Jesse Pomeroy

11-ginger snaps (kids who kill #1)

The Mary Celeste

15-release the kraken!

Adolf Leutgert and Larissa Shuster

6-fuck divorce


9-(bonus) who can shapeshift? lycan!

Luka Magnotta

12-blue steel

Unit 731


St. Valentine's Day Massacre

bonus-valentine's boners

The Mystery of Room 1046

10-fight club?

Lars Mittank and Penny Bell

13-here comes the sun

17-Soap on a rope

Robert Wone

7-"they got the wone house"

Kelly Anne Bates

minisode-the murder of kelly anne bates

Sylvia Seegrist

14-mall bitches

The Pelley Family

18-Always take your prom date to olive Garden

minisode #2-The murder of sylvia likens

19-Nun of your business

20-Toilet seats and fried buttholes

21-Have you ever seen a grown man without nipples? (#1)

21-Have you ever seen a grown man without nipples? (#2)

22-A Warlock, a goth, and a 300-year-old werewolf walk into a murder...(kids who kill #2)

23-Little orphan ani

24-"Seat belt for my arms...

seat belt for my legs..."

25-The Thorazine shuffle (electric avenue)

Halloween minisode-The Candyman

26-He who smelt it...

27-incest is the best (happy thanksgiving)


at bernie's

29-Fanta Claus (Merry christmas!)

30-Happy birfmas (happy podversary!)

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