erica & billy

we are a husband and wife duo with a highly sophisticated taste for dark humor and cursing. being true crime, horror, and comedy junkies, we began listening to great podcasts several years ago, such as Last Podcast on the Left,  The Roundtable of Gentlemen, Sword and Scale, Casefile True Crime, The No Sleep Podcast, and Lore.  over the years we've come to discover that we can be pretty funny together, especially when adult beverages are involved. so we figured we'd put our love of podcasts together with our morbid senses of humor (and liquor) and make our own.

     in fall of 2016, having no experience with recording or editing, and no real point to start from, we began researching topics and googling "how to start a podcast".  we put in a lot of work (and drinks) and by new year's eve we launched our very first episode.  We have since been picked up by a great new true crime podcast, but we still do just about everything ourselves, including self promotion on facebook, twitter, etc., and making this website, and we love doing it.  we plan on keeping episodes coming as long as people keep listening. we hope you enjoy and thank you for your support!

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